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E-Type 4.2

Serie 1 1/2

jaguar e type serie 1 4.2 1967 (16)
jaguar e type serie 1 4.2 1967 (01)

First registration



Engine size

4235 ccm




265 PS




Exterior colour

Interior colour


Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Coupé Serie 1 1/2

First registration 1968, Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Coupé Serie 1 1/2, Fully Restored

Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate

Swiss Delivery by Emil Frey Zürich

Swiss „Veteran“ entry


The Swinging Sixties were just beginning to gain momentum when Jaguar made a brilliant design statement at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961, the impact of which would go beyond that of an iconic new sports car. With its sensually exciting shapes and striking proportions – an endless bonnet and a short rear end with a side-opening boot lid – the new Jaguar E-Type marked the dawn of a new era.

The design of the Jaguar E-Type came from Malcolm Sayers, the special attraction was the combination of charisma and driving performance. This Jaguar was intended to replace the D-Type used in racing, but was modified for road use after its retirement from motorsport. The E-Type competed in terms of performance with sports cars of the highest performance class, which were, however, twice as expensive.

This Jaguar E-Type with its 4.2-litre engine is already the upgraded version after the 3.8-litre and therefore it has the fully synchronised 4-speed gearbox. The aesthetic design features of the Series 1 make this E-Type the most desirable collector’s car and its elegance is sadly not achieved by the later models.

Between 2005 and 2009, this E-Type was completely disassembled and extensively restored. A detailed photo documentation shows the corresponding restoration work.

We are offering this sporty and passionate to drive Coupé in a very beautiful condition.

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E-Type 4.2

Serie 1 1/2

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