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A business
built on passion

A love of design and engineering

Koni Lutziger: Even as a child, I was fascinated by fast motorcycles and cars.

by the contours, the speed and, just as importantly, the mechanics that were needed to inject the pace into these marvels of engineering and design.

In 1966, aged 21, I founded the company “Meier + Lutziger Motos” together with my partner at that time Walti Meier. The motorcycle dealership and repair shop also took on tuning projects.

“When I was just 16 years old, I bought myself a Morgan 3-Wheeler.”

In addition to motorcycles, I have always been interested in cars as well.

When I was just 16 years old, I bought myself two Morgan 3-Wheelers from the money I had saved from my own earnings.

Later, aged 18, I invested my apprenticeship wages in a Packard with a Graber body. However, I had to buy it in crates, dismantled into its individual parts, and I later put it back together again to create a fully restored car.

“The exciting Grand Prix years with Bruno Kneubühler.”

In 1971 and 1972, I assisted my friend, the Swiss motorcycle racing rider Bruno Kneubühler, as his mechanic and sponsor.

He came 3rd overall in the 500ccm class and 6th overall in the 350ccm class in his Grand Prix year of 1972. At that time, Bruno Kneubühler was also the world’s best private rider, winning the Barcelona GP.

“I developed other interests...”

After this eventful time, I once again concentrated entirely on the motorcycle business.

I also developed other interests and gradually put together a collection of motorcycles, racing cars and historical vehicles,

focussing on those with an interesting history, immaculate condition and authenticity.

“My own personal interest in driving and maintaining these vehicles…”

In 1979, I sold my half of “Meier + Lutziger” and opened my own business buying and selling classic cars and exclusive vehicles. Many unparalleled examples and unique vehicles have passed through my hands since then.

My own personal interest in driving and maintaining these vehicles is a fundamental element of our company’s philosophy.

Lutziger Classic Cars quickly made a name for itself, as the stock of 30 to 50 cars always included special rare vehicles, often with a racing history.

“Since 2004, my son Fabian has been at my side...”

Since 2004, my son Fabian has been at my side, working full time for the company.

He has been an enthusiast of the rare models since his early childhood, when he enjoyed spending his time amongst the fascinating vehicles.

“A showroom covering more than 1,600 m²...”

We relocated to our new premises in Bergdietikon in 2015.

A spacious and stylish showroom covering more than 1,600 m² provides a suitable backdrop for the classics in our portfolio. It also houses the exclusive cars and motorcycles in the Lutziger collection which Koni and Fabian have set out to keep and cherish.


“Our undisputed focus when choosing our classics is on a full history...”

All our vehicles are put through their paces by our experts at our in-house workshop before they are approved for sale.

Our undisputed focus when choosing our vehicles is on a full history, flawless condition and authenticity.

a perfect experience guaranteed

The Lutziger Classic Cars portfolio very often boasts rare sports and racing cars, select saloons and extra special cars made by coachbuilders.

The showroom in Bergdietikon is always worth a visit; there is always something new to see.

“We are proud of our long-standing business relationships and are committed to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction for every one of our clients.”

the Team

Koni Lutziger

Fabian Lutziger

A look under the bonnet…

We look forward to welcoming you to our impressive showroom soon.


Lutziger @ Auto Zürich

See you at the 36th edition of Auto Zürich from 02-05 November 2023 at Messe Zürich.

You will find us in Hall 6 Stand 74

We are looking forward to your visit.

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